CeQuadrant WinOnCD 3.8 review

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CeQuadrant WinOnCD 3.8

Following our overview of VCD writing software we concluded that WinOnCD 3.7 was nothing less than a gift from the gods. The program provided a fabulous array of tools for creating menu-based VideoCDs, and while it had the occasional flaw (such as an MPEG-1 encoder that cropped source video rather than resizing it), the modest price of £40 made it the Ômust buy' program of the year. Even its flaws weren't fatal - video produced by any VCD-compliant MPEG encoder can be used in its projects, and with so many available for free download from the net, there's no real problem.
Soon after we'd printed our ode to CeQuadrat, the company announced a new improved WinOnCD - version 3.8. This would sport a greater selection of audio CD tools, as well as allowing users to make high-quality MPEG-2 based SVCDs. We thought the gift-giving season had come early, but soon realised that Christmas wouldn't come at all, as CeQuadrat's parent company, Roxio (the software arm of Adaptec) decided not to release version 3.8 outside Germany.
A ray of light did appear, however, when some readers commented on our message boards that they had bought WinOnCD 3.8 and - while the manual and help files are all in German - the interface installs in the English language. We quickly made plans to get a copy in for review.

For serious VCD authoring, WinOnCD 3.8 is the best there is at such a low price point. We're still awe-struck by the breadth of tools on offer, as well as the results produced. But it's sad - and stupid - that Roxio has restricted distribution and not produced versions in languages other than German. It must be that Roxio is worried that WinOnCD will steal some of the thunder from the company's revamped flagship program, Easy CD Creator 5. However, we feel that these programs sit nicely together, covering just about every CD-burning need, and that Roxio should realise that it would be better off with two sales rather than one.
What we don't know, though, is just how much longer interest in VCD and SVCD will last - affordable, writable DVDs are coming ever closer. On a more positive note, now that low-cost, CD-based video disc burning software is so advanced, the leap to DVD authoring is greatly reduced, and there can be little excuse for it not being available at sensible prices.

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