Computer Video July 2004 Contents

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Magix Video Deluxe Plus
Vegas 4.0

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How to get started with computer video editing

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Opening scream
The Ed gets blown away by numerous low-cost edit-related programs and, in the case of MainConcept's Eve, rather too literally!

Sony DVD Architect and Vegas go pro; Premiere Pro upgraded; Adobe cut-price bundles; improved Apple authoring with DVD Studio Pro; Canopus Imaginate 2; Adobe After Effects gets smarter; Dolby Digital cuts licence fees; Sony lightweight DVD camcorders; tracking software for stolen Macs; enhanced ATi and Nvidia graphics cards; laptop offer

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Studio Pro 2 dual-layer updater; Magic Bullet for FCP; Matrox Premiere Pro support

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Paul Dutton looks to the future and graphics cards being used to carry out most effects processing


Canopus ProCoder Express
Media repurposing software for Windows, £49

Lumidium DigiRostrum DV
Rostrum-camera simulation software for Windows, £50

MainConcept Eve 2
Video editing and authoring software for Windows, £40

Microboards DSR DVD D888
Standalone DVD/CD duplicator, £2,033

Red Giant Magic Bullet Movie Looks
Video processing software for Adobe Premiere Pro, £free/£49

Steinberg Nuendo 2.1
Professional audio and music production software for Windows, £790

Total Training for Adobe After Effects 6
Tutorial DVD set, £234

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3
DVD authoring software for Windows, £30

Cover story:

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7
All-in-one Windows suite for video editing, DVD authoring, media management and disc copying, £60


DVD Video - under the hood
Peter Wells lifts the lid on the DVD format and shows what makes it tick in the first of a two-part close up


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Reviewed in this issue:

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

Lumidium DigiRostrum DV Ken Morse Edition

Total Training for Adobe After Effects 6

Red Giant Magic Bullet Movie Looks

In July's news:

Sony DVD Architect and Vegas go pro
Premiere Pro upgrades
Updated Adobe Video Collection
Apple authoring MkIII
Canopus Imaginate: Part II
Smarter After Effects
Bringing Dolby Digital 5.1 home
Sony shrinks DVD camcorders
Mac tracker
Graphics cards get interesting - and faster, too
£999 Tiny Athlon 64 laptop

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