December 2001 Computer Video magazine contents

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Contents: December 2001 edition

Opening Scream
The ed celebrates CVs 50th issue, looking back to the dark days of 1997, and to a DVD-enhanced future

Microsoft launches Windows XP, to critical acclaim from all except users of dedicated video editing cards; Apple upgrades its two laptop ranges; LaCie FireWire DVD burner

Critical Windows 2000 registry hack for Athlon users; LaCie cuts prices of FireWire hard disk drives

Help on the Net
The quick and easy way to solve your video editing problems and get help with buying decisions, fixing problems and getting decent service from suppliers, plus your comments about the magazine and more

Help & letters
The ed responds to readers' pleas for help

Subscribe to CV and receive 15 issues for less than the price of 12. Save £16.25 compared with the street price

Buyer's Guide
An in-depth guide to buying the best video editing hardware and software

Numbers and web sites for the key players in desktop video editing

Two-page jargon-buster to help you know your MPEGs from your M-JPEGs

Video industry analyst John Ferrick, of DVdoctor Inc, mulls over recent take-overs and acquisitions

Ahead NeroMax
Mac OEM CD burning software

Pinnacle Express
Budget DVD authoring software for Windows, £44

Roxio Toast 5 Titanium
Mac CD/DVD burning software, £58

Ricoh MP5120A
IDE DVD+RW drive, £500

Philips DVDR1000
Set-top DVD+RW recorder with built-in TV tuner, £1,300

Roxio VideoPack 5
DVD, VCD, SVCD authoring software for Windows, £350

Sony TRV30
MiniDV camcorder, £1,208

SoundForge vs Acid
Windows audio editors - Sound Forge 5, £260; Acid Pro 3, £250

Tiny MovieMaker 1500
Windows PC with FireWire card and video editing software, £1,500

Ulead DVD MovieFactory
DVD authoring software for Windows, £45

Short-filmmaker's Marketing School Pt2
The first part of Ben Frain's guide to getting a finished project into the public eye

Competition: Ulead DVD MovieFactory
Ten copies of Ulead's DVD MovieFactory up for grabs


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Reviewed in December's issue:
Ulead DVD MovieFactory
Toast 5 Titanium
Roxio VideoPack 5
Ricoh MP5120A
Pinnacle Express
Philips DVDR1000

In December's news:
DVD burning from Adaptec
Apple upgrades laptop Macs
LaCie offers DVD-R
LaCie cuts FireWire prices
Win2K & Athlon processors
Windows XP launches

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