April 2001 Computer Video news

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Adobe Premiere 6 (trial)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (trial)

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How to get started with computer video editing

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Adobe After Effects 5
After Effects 5 is tailored to better address the needs of web design and multimedia authoring, as well as video compositors and film makers. As before, there will be two versions of the program - standard, costing around £500, and a more advanced Production Bundle, costing around £1,200.
The basic version allows projects to be exported as Macromedia Flash files for the web. It also allows its two-dimensional layers to be manipulated in three-dimensional space with adjustable animated lights and depth of field. Parenting enables relationships to be established between layers.
'Expressions' enables even more relationships to built between layers, allowing modifications in one layer to affect the behaviour of another. Masks can now be drawn directly into the composition window. Colours can be assigned to masks for easy identification, and motion blur can be added to them, too. New special effects in After Effects 5's toolbox include Shatter, in which layers are destroyed; Radio Waves, which creates a rippling effect; and Vegas, to produce tasteless running and flashing lights.
The more expensive Production Bundle also offers Vector Paint tools and 16-bit-per-channel colour output for film and high definition TV. Optics Compensation enables lens distortion to be added to projects, while Inner/Outer Key simplifies the process of making accurate masks for keying objects. Look out for an early review of both versions.

Panasonic Pro Mini DV
Following JVC's successful professional MiniDV camcorder, sister company Panasonic is joining the fray, with the AG-DVC200, sporting three 1/2in CCDs and changeable lenses. As with JVC's first pro MiniDV model, the DV500, Panasonic's machine sports a professional, calibrated lens with standard 1/2in mounts. Unlike the JVC, however, it will have a working DV-input. Panasonic Broadcast, 0118 902 9210; www.panasonic-broadcast.co.uk

EZDV grows up
Canopus's budget DV editing card for Windows, EZDV, can now be bought with Adobe Premiere 6 for an all-in price of £350 inc VAT. The card itself is essentially a DVRaptor without the benefit of high-quality hardware overlay. It is, we have found, just as stable, and just as universally compatible with other hardware as its big brother. This, coupled with the fact that Premiere on its own costs £480, makes the package almost unbeatable for anyone taking the plunge and wanting some pretty sophisticated editing tools.

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In April's news:
Adobe After Effects 5
Panasonic Pro Mini DV
EZDV Grows Up

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