Computer Video Magazine October 2003 Edition

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Adobe Premiere 6 (trial)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (trial)

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Opening Scream
Unable to hack the late nights anymore, the ed's making excuses for why the mag went late to the printers. Again.

Canopus's standard-compatible MPEG hardware encoders; Panasonic set-top DVD-R/-RAM and hard disk recorders; JVC Video Festival 2004; Philips high-speed DVD+R/+RW drive; New features in Apple OS X 10.3; Canopus's free Edius upgrade; Lacie 80GByte PocketDrive; SmartSound cuts prices; Casablanca Avio MkII; Ahead Nero 6 CD & DVD burning suite

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Makers line up behind Premiere Pro

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Lisa Keddie looks for the secrets of success of south London wedding videography company, Shaadi

Bits and Bobs
B and B gives a first hands-on look at Adobe Premiere Pro, a first and last look at Dazzle's Real Time Video Producer, an update to last month's Drive Image 7 review and background to this month's DVD burner tests

A two-page jargon-buster - know your CPUs from your DPIs

A move to DVD-based camcorders, the breakdown of Moore's Law, and cheap editing software that actually works. Video analyst John Ferrick of DVdoctor sees all these things in his crystal ball


Cover story: Apple Final Cut Pro 4
Fully-featured video editing software for Mac OS 10.2+, £762

Discreet Cleaner XL
Media repurposing software for Windows, £512

NEC 1300A
ATAPI/IDE DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW burner, £199

Pioneer DVR-106
ATAPI/IDE DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW burner, £170

Sony DRU-510A
ATAPI/IDE DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW burner, £225

Varizoom VZ-Rock & StealthZoom
Wired Lanc camcorder controllers, £189 and £289

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Reviewed in October's issue:

Final Cut Pro 4
VariZoom VZ-Rock & StealthZoom
Discreet Cleaner XL
DVD Burners Group Test

In October's news:

Canopus MPEG encoders cut hardware link
Set-top Panasonic DVD
JVC video competition
Philips sticks with +R/+RW
Apple OS 10.3
Edius gets a makeover
80GByte PocketDrive
SmartSound, smarter pricing
Casablanca Avio - Mark II
All-in-one Nero 6

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