Computer Video Magazine News November 2004

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Magix Video Deluxe Plus
Vegas 4.0

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How to get started with computer video editing

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Opening scream
The ed's boasting that the new-look mag with DVD is wunnerful (but makes his excuses, too)

Ultra-slim Apple G5 iMacs; Casablanca adopts MainConcept; Sony DCR-HC1000 three-chips camcorder; Apple's low-cost editing bundle; Hitachi 400GByte 3.5in EIDE HDD; MainConcept's H.264 HD DVD encoder; Networkable Panasonic DVD recorder; Serious Magic's DV Rack; Roxio sells off software arm to concentrate on Napster; Miglia's FireWire800 Raid 0 drives

LaCie Fire800 bug-fix for Windows XP SP2; Boris FX update for Boris Continuum 3

Help on the net
The collected wisdom of our DVdoctor-hosted forums, at your disposal

Help and letters
Advice handed out by the editor his very self, which often means referral to our DVdoctor-hosted forums or cix conference!

Buyers' guide
The definitive guide to video-making and DVD hardware and software. Taking in dedicated editing systems (Mac and Windows), and the hardware and software in them, plus camcorders, and more besides

Video analyst John Ferrick of DVdoctor Inc looks at ways in which the data-density of DVD could be boosted


User profile - Greg Hawkes
Profile of a successful wedding videographer who made the transition from a 9-t0-5 job

Alice Donut fans' video compo
Making punk-band music videos - with a difference. These were made by the fans of the band, Alice Donut

Technology close-up
Everything you always wanted to know about PCI Express - and how video editors just got lucky


DVD menus in Photoshop
How to create professional-looking DVD menus from scratch in Adobe Photoshop


Boris FX Boris Continuum
Plug-in effects package for FCP, Premiere and After Effects, £539

Snazzi DV.AVIO
Affordable PCI-based analogue/DV capture and output package, £128

Wavelab 5 v SoundForge 7
Head-to-head of Steinberg's and Sony's audio-editing heavyweights, £500 and £340

Terratec Aureon 7.1 FireWire
FireWire external, multi-channel audio interface, £230

Elgato EyeHome
Network media player for Apple Macs, £200

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Reviewed in this issue:

Elgato EyeHome
Boris Continuum Complete 3.01
Snazzi DV.AVIO
Terratec Aureon 7.1
Sony Sound Forge 7 v Steinberg Wavelab 5

In November's news:

Ultra-slim Apple G5 iMacs
Casablanca uses MainConcept
Sony TRV950 replacement
Apple Production Suite
Hitachi 400GByte HDD
MainConcept HD DVD encoder
Networkable Panasonic DVD recorder
Software assistance for DV filmmakers
Roxio sells software arm to Sonic
Miglia FireWire800 storage


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