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In Software Downloads:
Adobe Premiere 6 (trial)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (trial)

Tips and Advice:
How to get started with computer video editing

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Inside May's issue of Computer Video magazine

Opening Scream
The Ed takes exception to the neglectful attitude of some system builders, one of whom deserves to be named

Edition gains DVD authoring and RT preview; Final Cut Pro spares a rib for its cheaper protege; Professional analogue/DV converter from Canopus; Video Forum round-up; faster, quieter dual-G4 PowerMacs; faster, fitter Cleaner XL; Roxio's DVD-capable digital media suite

Next Issue
What's coming in CV next month

Matrox Parhelia and After Effects bundle; Entry-level Snazzi III range

Help on the net
The quick and easy way to solve your video editing problems and get help with buying decisions

Help & letters
Advice on buying decisions, fixing problems and getting decent service from suppliers, plus your comments about the magazine and much more

Subscribe to CV and receive 15 issues for the priceof ten - £39.90 - a saving of £19.95

Buyer's guide
The definitive guide to videomaking hardware - non-linear and linear - and software. Everything from complete DTV systems (Mac and Windows), to camcorders and capture cards

A two-page jargon-buster to help you know your MPEGs from your M-JPEGs

Numbers and web sites for the key players in desktop video editing

Video analyst John Ferrick of DVdoctor Inc looks at what can happen when a small, innovative high-tech company loses focus


Apple iLife
Media management software for Mac, £39

Making Awesome iMovies
Guide to making movies with Apple iMovie, $40

Maxtor 3000XT
External FireWire hard drive, £240

Panasonic LF-D521
IDE DVD-R/-RW/-RAM burner, £200

Pinnacle Expression 2.1
Windows DVD/SVCD/VCD authoring software, £27

PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8
Partitioning software for Windows, £41

3D Animation software
Overview and reviews of 3D animation software
- Discreet 3ds max 5.1, £3,167
- Discreet Combustion 2.1, £852
- NewTek LightWave 7.5, £1,174

Cover story:

Odixion DigiPrinter
Mac/Win colour Bubble Jet printer with disc-printing capabilities, £224


Pinnacle Studio 8
Second of a two-part, in-depth tutorial on Pinnacle's Studio 8 video editing/DVD authoring software

Read more news in May 2003's Computer Video magazine.


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Reviewed in May's issue:
Odixion DigiPrinter Universal
Apple iLife
Lightwave 7.5 & 3ds max 5.1
Discreet Combustion 2.1

In May's news:
Edition gains DVD authoring and RT
Final Cut Pro on a budget
Canopus pro DV/analogue converter
Video Forum 2003 roundup
Faster, quieter dual-G4 PowerMacs
Faster, fitter Cleaner XL
More burn for your bucks
AE 5.5 with Parhelia
TDK phone number
Snazzi additions

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