Computer Video Magazine contents - June 2003

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Adobe Premiere 6 (trial)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (trial)

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How to get started with computer video editing

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Inside June 2003's Computer Video Magazine:


Opening Scream
The Ed - himself ever careful with his cash - points out the good news in the mag for readers who don't have the deepest of pockets

Canopus launches own-branded video editing software; Adobe previews pro-featured DVD authoring tools; Canopus DVRaptor given more RT capabilities; Panasonic DVD-R/-RAM camcorders; Pinnacle low-cost analogue DV converter; Sony DVD burn-all laptops; Ulead on-disc editing; Wacom drawing pads/interactive displays

Next Issue
What's coming in CV next month

Pinnacle Edition 5 info update; Windows Media Player 9

Help on the net
The quick and easy way to solve your video editing problems and get help with buying decisions

Help & letters
Advice on buying decisions, fixing problems and getting decent service from suppliers, plus your comments about the magazine and much more

Bits and bobs
A new section covering products that don't make the review pages, and problem issues

Cover CD
A full breakdown of the extensive selection of audio samples featured on this month's cover CD - and some great deals!

Video analyst John Ferrick of DVdoctor Inc applauds the thinking that led to use of the AGP bus in video editing, but wonders why some firms find it so hard to take easy decisions

Ulead DVD Workshop AC-3
Four copies up for grabs of Ulead's AC-3 audio-equipped DVD authoring software - winner this month of Editor's Choice and Innovation awards


Final Cut Express
Video editing software for Mac, £240

Magix Video Deluxe 2.0 Plus
Budget video editing software for Windows, £60

Cover story:

Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 +DVD
Audio/video editing and DVD authoring software and 5.1 AC-3 encoder for Windows, US$600

Surcode Dolby V-Plug
Windows stereo AC-3 encoder plug-in for Adobe Premiere, US$299

Ulead DVD Workshop AC-3
Windows DVD authoring software with stereo AC-3 encoding, £299


The Big Easy (Upgrade)
Upgrading processors on BX-motherboard PCs - under £100, under an hour, rendering time cut to one-third


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Reviewed in June's issue:

Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 +DVD
SurCode Dolby V-Plug
Ulead DVD Workshop AC-3
Final Cut Express
Magix Video Deluxe 2.0 Plus

In June's news:

Canopus cuts loose
Canopus educational prices
Summer DVD entry for Adobe
Scratch-resistant writable DVD
Pinnacle outside the box
DVRaptor RT 2 goes real-time
Panasonic DVD camcorder
Mightier than the mouse
Sony burn-all DVD laptops
Ulead edit-on-DVD software
Pinnacle Edition 5 latest
Final WM9 update

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