Computer Video Magazine Contents January 2004 Edition

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Adobe Premiere 6 (trial)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (trial)

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How to get started with computer video editing

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Computer Video Magazine January 2004 edition


Opening Scream
The Ed looks back to the bad old days of VHS and analogue, and forward to the The Chocolate Factory of delights available to today's digital video editors

Sony VX2100 semi-pro camcorder launched; Mac OS 10.3 Panther uncaged; LaCie Raid-able Big Disks

Next Issue
What's coming in CV next month

Avid Xpress Pro now shipping; Canopus provide Premiere Pro support; Roxio Easy CD & DVD 6.2 update

Help on the net
The quick and easy way to solve your video editing problems and get help with buying decisions

Help & letters
Advice on buying decisions, fixing problems and getting decent service from suppliers, plus your comments about the magazine and much more

Subscribe to CV this Christmas and save a third* of the cover price (*UK and Europe only)

A two-page jargon-buster to help you know your MPEGs from your M-JPEGs

Video analyst John Ferrick of DVdoctor Inc predicts that 2.4GHz wireless transmission systems will soon free us from cable clutter during shooting


Cover Story:

Best of the Best

aDVanced PAL/NTSC Converter
Software PAL/NTSC converter for Windows, US$98

Apple DVD Studio Pro 2
DVD authoring software for Mac, £387

Epson Stylus Photo 900
Direct-to-disc inkjet printer, £150

Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme
Windows real-time DV/analogue video editing card, £845

Pioneer DVR-106
ATAPI/IDE multi-format burner - DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, £115

SmartSound SonicFire Pro 3
Automatic music-track creation software for Windows and Mac, £279

SonicFoundry Vegas 4 +DVD
Audio/video editing and DVD authoring software for Windows, US$800

Adobe Encore DVD
Professional DVD authoring software for Windows XP, £400

Canopus DVRaptor RT2
Real-time DV editing board for Windows, £370/£488

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Reviewed in this issue:

SonicFoundry SonicFire Pro 3
Adobe Encore DVD
Canopus DVRaptor RT2

In the news:

Sony VX2000 replacement
LaCie 320GByte HDDs
The Mac OS we've been waiting for?
Low-cost eMacs
Avid Xpress Pro
Canopus Premiere Pro support
Roxio Easy CD & DVD 6.2 updater

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