Computer Video Magazine December 2003 contents

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In Software Downloads:
Adobe Premiere 6 (trial)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (trial)

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How to get started with computer video editing

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Computer Video Magazine December 2003 contents

Opening Scream
The Ed reckons lots of serious DVD creators will be buying Macs to run Apple's DVD Studio Pro 2

IBC 2003 Show report; Apple PowerBook overhaul; Pinnacle Edition relaunched; Avid FreeDV available for download; Pure Motion EditStudio 4 feature upgrade; LaCie four-way external burner; Canopus's OHCI-friendly LetsEdit; LG five-way burner; royalty-free animation from Digital Juice; royalty-free music scores from b2 Royalty-Free; Philips and MKM develop double recording time DVD discs

Next Issue
What's coming in CV next month

PowerMac G5 update for Photoshop; Cut-price Ulead DVD Workshop

Help on the net
The quick and easy way to solve your video editing problems and get help with buying decisions

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Advice on buying decisions, fixing problems and getting decent service from suppliers, plus your comments about the magazine and much more

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Bits and Bobs
Will Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 bring the PC into the living room; and when will the USA do anything about its spam merchants?

A two-page jargon-buster to help you know your MPEGs from your M-JPEGs

Man the barricades! Video analyst John Ferrick of DVdoctor Inc foresees - and welcomes - a consumer revolt against software bugs


Cover Story:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Video editing software for Windows, £617
Adobe After Effects 6
Video compositing, editing and animation program for Windows and Mac, £664/£1,075

Apple DVD Studio Pro 2
DVD authoring software for Mac, £387

Pinnacle MovieBox USB
Analogue-to-MPEG-2 USB 2.0 capture device and editing software, £133

Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator
Budget Windows video editing and disc creation software, £30


An Introduction to QuickTime VR for Windows and Macintosh
Paul Dickin explains how to stitch stills seamlessly into an interactive movie-like experience with QuickTime VR.



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Reviewed in this issue:

Adobe Premiere Pro 7

Adobe After Effects 6.0

Apple DVD Studio Pro 2

Pinnacle MovieBox USB

Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator

In December's news:

IBC 2003 Show report
Apple PowerBook overhaul
Pinnacle Edition relaunched
Avid FreeDV available for download
Pure Motion EditStudio 4 feature upgrade LaCie four-way external burner Canopus's OHCI-friendly LetsEdit
LG five-way burner
Royalty-free animation
Royalty-free music scores
Double recording time DVD discs

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