August 2001 Computer Video magazine contents

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Contents: August 2001 edition

Opening Scream
The editor blows on his DVD-R bugle to herald the imminent revolution in desktop video

Maxtor D536DX 100GByte drive; Connectix' Virtual PC; Sony Vaios; Ulead high-quality copyright-free video; FAST capture card for Studio DV; Matrox G550 graphics card; Edirol Mac USB audio processor; Film Council's First Light project

Next Issue
What's coming in CV next month

Digital Anarchy Text 1.1, Yelo 800 DVD enhancement

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The quick and easy way to solve your video editing problems and get help with buying decisions is to ask on Computer Video's Internet message board Ð as you'll see from these pages of queries from the board

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Two-page jargon-buster to help you know your MPEGs from your M-JPEGs

Paul Dutton explores the treacherous waters of PC motherboards, recommending three to shortlist


Apple DVD Studio Pro
DVD authoring software for Mac, £799

Apple G4 SuperDrive
Apple PowerMac with DVD writer, £2936/3767

Packard Bell Video Dre@m Mavhine
Turnkey Windows system with DVD writer, £1500

Pioneer A03
IDE DVD-R/RW drive, £650

Panasonic LF-D311
IDE DVD-R/RAM drive, £495

Belkin PCI FireWire
PCI FireWire card and editing package, £59

Canopus DVTools
DV software suite for Canopus editing cards, £58

Contour Shuttle Pro
USB multimedia controller for Apple Macs, £116

19in flat screen CRT monitor, £276

Matrox RT2500
Windows dual-stream analogue/DV editing card/software package, £763


Win Mitsui DVD-R media
Five lots of 10 blank DVD-R Mitsui discs to win


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Reviewed in August's issue:
Apple DVD Studio Pro 1.1

Apple G4 733 and iDVD
Packard Bell Video Dre@m

Pioneer DVR-A03
Panasonic LF-D311

In August's news:
Bigger, faster Maxtor
Virtual PC for Windows
Vaio portable editing options
Fast brings AV support to studio
Matrox enters new Millennium
Mac users on a Rol
Kids on cams
Digital Anarchy
Yelo DVD Update

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